Rhinosinusitis? It performs diagnosis in very few steps.

Thanks to years of studies and clinical research in the field of Rhinosinusitis, we have come up with a Diagnostic Algorithm capable of making a personalized Diagnosis and proposing a specific Care Plan for the treatment of your condition.

Through Online Diagnosis and the Ochema App you will have the opportunity to be guided and assisted in both the diagnostic and therapeutic phases.
You will have the ability to send continuous feedback on the status of your health throughout the course of therapy and post-therapy, so that you can be guided in an increasingly personalized way.

Enter the Online Diagnosis page, simply take the medical history form by answering very few questions and you will receive your possible Diagnosis and recommended Plan of Care. After receiving your Online Diagnosis you can find your Care Plan within the Ochema App by logging in with the same email you used to request the care plan

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